Our 21st Season of presenting the greatest story ever told. 

Tri-City Baptist Church presents



Thank you for a great 2017 year! We look forward to this upcoming 2018 Season!


- How Much are Tickets?   $12 Individual, $10 per person with a group of 20 or more.

- Can I add More tickets to my group after we have placed an order? Yes! Provided there are still spots left for that show.

- What's the price for Children? We ask that if they take a seat, they have a ticket. If they can be in a lap, they're good to go.

- We do not recommend children under 4 due to the intense nature of the show.

- The seating is open seating and we accommodate Wheel Chairs anywhere in the auditorium.

Other Questions or Issues about tickets? Email us at Tickets@tcbc.org

*If you do not have an Email, you will need to come into the church office to order*

Email WILL be required to buy a ticket online